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The Book

In a remarkable series of candid conversations, diverse leaders discuss the challenges as China rebalances following 30 years of high-octane growth.Added research and analysis, informed by our extensive China experience, yield unique insights for achieving sustained business success in this shifting landscape.

The Thoughts of Chairmen Now

For a TASTER, here are ways to access the abridged digital versions of the book:

Web Seminar

The Chairmen

Wang Xianrong
Chairwoman – C&D Corporation, Ltd.
Wang Kaixue
President – CITMS
Gong Yueqiong
Vice President – Foton Motor Company, Ltd.
Hu Shuoshan
CEO – Fuxing Huiyu Real Estate Company, Ltd.
David Sun
CEO – Home Inns & Hotels Management Inc.
Liu Xunfeng
Chairman – Huayi (Group) Company
He Fulong
Chairman – ITG Group Corporation, Ltd.
Alice Fan Yang
Assistant President – NCAM
Gong Weibin
CEO – Refond Optoelectronics Company, Ltd.
Xu Punan
Chairman – Safewell Group Holdings, Ltd.
Wang Zhenghua
Chairman – Spring Airlines
Wang Longchu
Chairman – Xiangyu Group Corporation
Lin Guofu
Chairman – Yangli Group Company, Ltd.
Li Fucheng
Chairman – Yanjing Brewery Company, Ltd.